The pure water system can raise a few questions. Here's the ones we get asked most frequently.

Detergent is used in traditional window-cleaning methods to lift the dirt away from the surface your windows. Unfortunately, a thin residue of this detergent is left on your windows after the traditional method of simply blading the glass without rinsing, and this thin, sticky residue actually attracts more dirt in time. Cleaning your windows with a soft brush to lift the dirt and then purified water that literally absorbs the dirt, means we don't need any extra cleaning agent. Your windows are left completely free of any residue so they stay cleaner for longer.

"Watermarks", despite their name, are not really made by the water itself. It's the impurities that are found in most water that leave the marks behind. Water is made up of just two gases - hydrogen and oxygen - in the famous chemical formula H2O. When water evaporates, it returns to these two gases and disappears completely, but if there were any impurities in the water, they get left behind causing the so-called "watermarks". The water we use is 100% pure, and when we finish cleaning your windows we thoroughly rinse them with this water so that there are no other impurities left on the glass. After our water has evaporated from your windows, it leaves nothing behind but a sparkle!

You won't necessarily notice on the first clean. Years of using traditional methods to clean your windows will leave a sticky layer of residue on the glass and dirt clings to it. Cleaning using pure water helps to break down this layer and dirt that may have been missed for months or even years is actually drawn to the surface by the water. Fully removing this layer of dirt and residue may take up to three cleans before your windows are left perfectly clear.

First, the water is softened so that the very fine filters used through the rest of the process won't be damaged by too much wear and tear. Then the softened water goes through a series of filters which each refine the water more than the one before. The very last, and most thorough, stages of filtration use a method called "reverse osmosis" ... it would take more than this one paragraph to explain that fully, but all you need to know is that it removes all organic, bacterial or particulate impurities from the water. By the time the water reaches the end of this process the level of impurities in the water is less than 30 parts PER MILLION!

But we don't stop there ... we want the best possible finish for your windows and so we need the purest water possible. Making water this pure involves one final stage known as "de-ionisation" ... this is another complicated process, but we explain it as filtration on an atomic level. De-ionisation removes even the last few atoms of impurities from the water. By the time the water has been through this final stage the impurities have dropped to below 1 part per million. You won't find water much purer than this except in certain scientific research facilities, and it's only now that we are ready to clean your windows!

Firstly, please allow 3 cleans for the water-fed pole method to fully clean all of your windows and frames. If you're still not happy then please discuss this with us and it may well be possible to resume cleaning your windows with traditional techniques if it is safe and practical for us to do so.